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LQ interview at D-3 Police HQ

WIF to host Laure Quinlivan's documentary
October 1 at the Warsaw Federal Incline Theater

Cincinnati LEEDS the Nation: America’s First Net Zero Energy Police Station is a new documentary produced and directed by local filmmaker Laure Quinlivan. After a sneak-preview public screening at the Warsaw Federal Incline Theater at 6 pm on October 1, it will air on the Cincinnati PBS station WCET on November 9 and be offered to PBS stations nationwide. Ms. Quinlivan, a local filmmaker with multiple Emmy and Peabody awards over 25 years in television news, will be joined by the doc's videographers and composer for the post-film discussion in October.    

From groundbreaking to ribbon cutting, Laure documents the City of Cincinnati's construction of Ohio's greenest building.  The film profiles beat officers and a detective assigned to District 3, showing how the new building impacts morale and working conditions.  Three west side citizens who helped design public art for the new station are also featured, illustrating how including public art in the budget allowed the City to involve the community in a construction project using their tax dollars. Laure Quinlivan is a founding board member of Women in Film Cincinnati.

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