Race to Execution

UC College of Law, 2540 Clifton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45221
5:30 Reception | 6:00 Screening | 7:00 Panel

Race to Execution explores the deep and disturbing link between race and the death penalty in America. Following the stories of two Death Row inmates – Madison Hobley of Chicago, Illinois and Robert Tarver of Russell County, Alabama – the film interweaves their compelling personal stories together with groundbreaking scholarship. Revealing how race infects our capital punishment system, Race to Execution invites dialogue into the larger community about this systemic crisis within our justice system.

Race to Execution reveals that once a victim’s body is discovered, the race of the victim and the accused deeply influence the legal process: from how a crime scene is investigated, to the deployment of police resources, to the interrogation and arrest of major suspects, to how media portrays the crime, and ultimately, jury selection and sentencing. Beyond DNA and beyond innocence, the shameful open secret of our capital punishment system is — and always has been — a matter of race.